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Producing handmade soap, body butter, scrub, and balm with less chemicals but beneficial is our goal. We use simple high quality ingredients : Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, and Herbs. We do use synthetic chemicals as they are necessary such as preservative in cream/lotion, emulsifier, micas and oxides as skin safe colorants, fragrance oil. All of our products are carefully crafted. Mengapa saya membuat sabun? Ada banyak alasan, yang utama kekaguman saya atas reaksi dari bahan2 sederhana yaitu minyak ditambah Sodium Hydroxide menghasilkan sesuatu yang sangat berbeda, yaitu sabun. Kreativitas tanpa batas menjadikan proses membuat sabun sangat menarik. Bahan2 alam mengagumkan di Indonesia membuat saya percaya negeri ini indah.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Newly Found Plant from the garden

I've been wondering what plant this is since the leaves are very similar to Piper Betle leaves but they have different scent.


I finally found out what it was when I planned to buy May Chang Essential Oil and the online store where I usually buy my oils provide the picture. So May Chang =Litsea Cubeba=Kemukus in Bahasa Indonesia. There are a lot of skin benefits of this plant, I'll do more online research about this.  I agree with everyone who likes the scent of May Chang, it's a pleasant scent but not overpowering.  I already infuse it in coconut oil, when infused the color of the oil is bright green.  But in Cold Process Soap, it barely gives any color :(

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Soaps For Kids

These soaps were made from strawberry and cucumber juice. Strawberry doesn't give red color incp soaps, so the orange was from paprika infused oil.  Cucumber, however, gives a very pale green color. These are scented with coconut lime verbena FO and Cucumber Melon FO

The same formula but this time using sandalwood powder. It gives very light pinkish brown color.  Scented with champagne FO

Piper Betle Soap (Sabun Sirih)

1. Daun sirih segar sebagian diextract dengan menggunkan glycerin

Piper Betle infused Glycerin

2.  Sebagian dikeringkan dan dibuat powder

Sirih Powder

3.  Sirih yang telah dikeringkan diinfuse di coconut oil selama 2 hari

4. Selanjutnya dilakukan pembuatan sabun seperti biasa. Sirih infused coconut oil+palm oil+olive oil dicampur dengan Sodium Hidroxide solution.  Proses sabun dengan menggunakan metode cold process oven process. Ini hasilnya