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Producing handmade soap, body butter, scrub, and balm with less chemicals but beneficial is our goal. We use simple high quality ingredients : Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, and Herbs. We do use synthetic chemicals as they are necessary such as preservative in cream/lotion, emulsifier, micas and oxides as skin safe colorants, fragrance oil. All of our products are carefully crafted. Mengapa saya membuat sabun? Ada banyak alasan, yang utama kekaguman saya atas reaksi dari bahan2 sederhana yaitu minyak ditambah Sodium Hydroxide menghasilkan sesuatu yang sangat berbeda, yaitu sabun. Kreativitas tanpa batas menjadikan proses membuat sabun sangat menarik. Bahan2 alam mengagumkan di Indonesia membuat saya percaya negeri ini indah.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Simple Soaps

Until now I get this statement a lot : "Your soaps are too pretty to be used" or "I'm going to keep this forever"..... I"m flaterred actually (I always think other soapers made way more beautiful soaps than I did), but before the soaps are made, we soapers, are actually formulate oils/butters and additives carefully to produce mild high quality soap :) . And along the way, It is hard to ignore all those tempting swirl techniques and all those pretty colors.  However, once in a while I managed to make simple soaps. No swirls. No fancy colors, just cocoa powder, activated charcoal and milk as additives.  To match the natural colors, I added chocolate FO, Milk FO and Peppermint EO as the scents.

Well, it's not that plain because I used fondant mat for texture :) . I'm quite happy with the results.  


  1. Mba penasaran pemakaian fondant mat pas kapan ya? Sesudah diunmold atau fondant mat ditaroh dalam mold?

  2. Pakai fondant mat ditaruh di mold, baru dituang adonan Sabun @sky sea